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New Emergency Manager Bill introduced in the Michigan Senate

November 25, 2012

Less than a month after the Emergency Management legislation implemented by the Snyder Administration was defeated on Election Day, a new version of a similar policy has been introduced into the Michigan Senate.

According to Michigan Forward, one of the groups that was instrumental in defeating Proposal 1:

Michigan’s lame duck legislators in the Senate are working day and night to resurrect the dictatorship over 2.3 million voters rejected November 6. Senate Bill 865, introduced by Senator Phil Pavlov of St. Clair Township reintroduces policy that gives Governor Rick Snyder and private companies total control over school districts, cities and towns. Here’s more on the new dictator bill, SB 865:

·         Reenacts PA 4 almost word for word

·         Defines “consideration for local government input” by allowing them to propose an alternative to the recommendation of the Emergency Manager on only 3 issues (CBA abrogations or revisions , asset sales and borrowing) provided they have the same financial impact and provided the local government objects within 7 days and providedthey propose the alternative within 10 days of that only to have them likely ignored by the Local Emergency Financial Assistance Board:  a 3 member board consisting of 3 cabinet members including the State Treasurer)

·         An appropriation to avoid another referendum


To jump start a campaign to defeat this new legislative proposal, Michigan Forward has organized a lobbying day in Lansing on Wednesday, November 28. Michigan Forward is calling people to Lansing to meet with their state officals and demand that they not support SB 865. The event will kick off at 11:00 A.M. at Central United Methodist Church in Lansing (located 215 North Capitol Avenue — corner of Allegan and Capitol).

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