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Mutual Aid GR hosting a meeting on anti-fracking activism this Saturday

November 7, 2012

The local group Mutual Aid GR is hosting a meeting this Saturday to talk about next steps in resisting the fossil fuel industry.

According to the facebook event posting:

Next steps – after organizing the anti-fracking action on September 21 and participating in the DNR protest in Lansing on October 24, Mutual Aid GR wants your input on where we go from here.

Some of us want to keep focusing on anti-fracking actions, but need your input and ideas on what those actions might look like. Also, do we organize to fight the tar sands pipelines that are planned to go through Michigan? and what can we do collectively to fight climate change?

If you have ideas, anger and want to make a difference, please join us for this discussion/meeting in the lower level of the Steepletown Center building. Also, feel free to bring food and drink to share.

Mutual Aid GR meeting on Resisting the Fossil Fuel Industry

Saturday, November 10


671 Davis NW, Grand Rapids

Lower Level of the Steepletown Neighborhood Center

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