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Kellogg claims to fight hunger in PR stunt for World Food Day

October 18, 2012

The online pro-business blog Michigan Loves Manufacturing posted a Media Release from the Battle Creek-based food giant Kellogg yesterday, where the company claims to be fighting global hunger.

The Kellogg Press Release is a typical PR stunt for corporations that want to present themselves as caring in the public eye. Kellogg touts their hunger relief efforts by making donations to food banks across the country, primarily working with Feeding America.

The company also lists the follow activities they are involved in for World Food Day:

  • Donating $125,000 in cash and product donations through Kellogg’s Corporate Citizenship Fund to six organizations, mainly food banks, in Latin America. Also, Kellogg employees will volunteer at food bank locations in Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia to provide Kellogg breakfasts.
  • Kicking-off the “Help Give a Child a Breakfast” campaign in the U.K. to raise $480,000 to donate to schools most in need to help provide breakfast for children who are going to school hungry.
  • Volunteering at community food banks and food distribution sites across the U.S. in the month of October as part of United Way Days of Caring.

Again, more charity work and how convenient that Kellogg workers will be serving their own products around the world to poor children. Nothing like introducing products to new markets in the hopes of gaining new customers.

The Kellogg Media Release also says they are setting up Breakfast Clubs around the world, where the company provides breakfast meals to children in countries that don’t have government assisted programs. Another example of marketing their own products and then writing off the donations for their tax records, which is equivalent to selling the breakfast foods in the first place.

Lastly, Kellogg states that it partners with Walmart in the Fighting Hunger Together campaign, which is another PR stunt designed to manipulate the public into thinking these companies give a shit about fighting hunger by getting communities to compete for money they give away. We have written about this in the past and will say again that these efforts are just well designed PR stunts that do not address the root causes of poverty and hunger.

Companies like Kellogg cannot really address or fight hunger since their very existence is designed to make a profit. Until we change the economic system, hunger and poverty will persist. If we are really serious about making sure everyone has enough healthy food to eat on a daily basis then we will promote Food Justice, not hunger relief. Giving away sugar-laden cereals to poor kids around the global might make for a great photo op, but it does nothing to fight hunger.

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