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Protest being planned for October 24 DNR Land Auction in Lansing

September 26, 2012

In May, we reported on a protest at a DNR land auction in Lansing, where the state of Michigan was auctioning off mineral rights to oil & gas companies. This auction is part of a larger push by oil & gas companies to explore for and extract natural gas through the method known as fracking.

In May, over 100 people showed up to protest the auctioning off of not only public land for drilling, but also the auction off of clean water, the contamination of land, the destruction of wildlife and the threat to human health.

On Wednesday, October 24 there is another DNR land auction scheduled in Lansing and plans are already underway to protest the further exploitation of Michigan by gas and oil companies.

Citizens Against Drilling on Public Land (CADPL) created a facebook event page yesterday as the first visible sign of a protest against the land auction on October 24.

The event page reads in part:

Michigan’s DNR is supposed to protect our natural resources, and by leasing our public land and state parks to oil and gas companies, they are ignoring their duty to Michigan’s citizens.

CADPL has worked hard in the past few months to organize a coalition of citizens and organizations that oppose this auction. We have generated over 1300 public comments to the DNR, 1000 petition signatures, and have been endorsed by both statewide and national organizations. Still, the DNR has decided to collude with Big Oil and Gas and once again serve as the stage on which the industry can conduct their show.

On October 24, we will be at the auction to tell the DNR to STOP THE SHOW. We do not want fracking and drilling in our public parks!

Stay tuned; more information to come.

We encourage people to be part of the resistance to fracking in Michigan, by participating in whatever level people are capable of on October 24.

The Grand Rapids group, Mutual Aid GR plans to participate in the protest and will be holding a meeting before the October 24 land auction date. For those who are in West Michigan and want to be part of planning, participating and supporting any and all actions that day, contact Mutual Aid GR online at

The Land Auction begins at 8:00AM on Wednesday, October 24 in the Lansing Center, located at 333 E. Michigan Ave, in Lansing.

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