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MLive invites you to discuss Obama’s speech with their experts – corporate investors and lobbyists

September 6, 2012

This morning, MLive posted an announcement about how the public can be part of a discussion after the President’s speech tonight at the Democratic National Convention.

The article states, “we want to hear what you and political experts on both sides of the aisle have to say.

The panel of experts will include a few MLive reporters, but the three political strategists they have invited are Tom Shields of Marketing Resource Group; Joe Disano of Main Street Strategies; T.J. Bucholz of Lambert Edwards & Associates, and Greg McNeilly of The Windquest Group.

Looking at this line up it is clear what MLive considers as political strategists……..people who represent corporate interests as lobbyists, investors and people who work in the narrow world of money & politics.

The Marketing Resource Group claims to offer PR services, political consulting, marketing, advertising and crisis management. MRG’s history of political consultation was helping to elect John Engler, Candice Miller and according to their site. “Republican majorities in both the Michigan House and Senate.”

The client list for MRG is also instructive, with lots of casino and entertainment companies, along with the bottled water giant Nestle North America, environmental criminal Kennecott Minerals and the anti-gay legal group, the Thomas More Law Center.

Then there is Main Street Strategies, a political lobbying group based in Lansing. Their client list is pretty much just politicians, government entities and labor groups. I guess this would make them the other side of the aisle, since they disproportionately represent Democrats.

Main Street Strategies has a listing of some of their political lobbying campaigns, which includes the kind of ads the public loathes, attack ads. Knowing what they do makes their company tag line all the more ironic, since they claim to be “cutting through the clutter.”The Third expert is with Lambert Edwards & Associates, which promotes itself as a public relations, investor relations company. Their clients are mostly from the corporate world, such as Wolverine Worldwide, Biggby Coffee, Rubbermaid and Zondervan. However, Lambert Edwards & Associates has also represented the Grand Rapids Art Museum and the Michigan Department of Education.

The last expert or political strategist making up the MLive panel for tonight is Greg McNeilly of The Windquest Group. The Windquest Group is the public face that represents many of the DeVos family interests. McNeilly was part of the DeVos led attempt to alter local government through the group known as the One Kent Coalition.

It seems that the line up MLive has put together is made up of power brokers for corporate and government interests and not one of them represents the interests of working class people or issues like environmental protection, economic justice or racial, gender and LGBT equality.

This is what political pundits mean by both sides of the aisle, people who represent the two parties of the capitalist system. It’s as if another side or point of view doesn’t exist.

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