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Pro-business group releases second propaganda video

August 30, 2012

Earlier this year we told you about a video that went viral on Earth Day. Starting last week, the group that produced the first video, Free Market America, has released a second video entitled We Fight.

This second video from Free Market America was designed to coincide with the beginning of the GOP Convention in Florida and follows in the footsteps of Frank Capra’s series of WWII propaganda films with the title Why We Fight.

The video begins with a montage of comments from US presidents and then the narrator begins by tossing about terms like liberty and freedom. The narrator also makes the point that “we live in turbulent times and that “our generation is being called not to win a revolution, but to preserve one,” while the footage shows the Founding Fathers.

The propaganda spot says that this century has the potential to be another American Century, without any clarification or context. That some writers refer to the 20th Century as the American Century is because of the political and economic power of the US. However, most apologists for the US will not acknowledge that the US peak of political and economic power came at the expense of the rest of the world and many of its own people. The 20th Century saw numerous US wars, invasions and occupations, primarily motivated by economic interests, whether it was the CIA coup in Iran in 1953 or the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq. For more details see A Century of US Military Interventions from Wounded Knee to Libya.

At one point in the video when the narrator is again pontificating about liberty and how there are some that do not understand how liberty can be lost, the video footage shows occupy actions around the country, a clear jab at this grassroots movement disgusted with the system of power in this country.

The video ends with several “regular people” saying that they will fight, some for freedom, some for liberty and some for the free market. It is telling that it ends with someone saying they will fight for the free market, since this is what the group behind the video is all about. We Fight really means, we fight to maintain the US system of power.

The Free Market America is instructive and worth watching, not only to see the propaganda message they wish to inject into the public consciousness just prior to the election, but also the media production techniques and the meta-narrative they use, which make for a useful example of contemporary propaganda.

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