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Environmental Justice, Direct Action and Global Warming

August 12, 2012

There is a tremendous sense of urgency around the world on many fronts, but maybe the ecological crisis we face is the most urgent.

Global warming and climate change are issues that could determine the future of humanity on the planet, in addition to what it is doing to all other forms of life.

The extraction and burning of fossil fuels is the main culprit in global warming and that realty must change for there to be a future.

There are a growing number of grassroots efforts around the world that is confronting the fossil fuel industry, particularly through direct action.

Rising Tide North America is not only one of these grassroots groups engaged in direct action against the fossil fuel industry, they publish a newsletter the documents lots of other forms of resistance to the fossil fuel industry.

The Summer 2012 issue is particularly inspiring, with countless stories about direction action across the US and around the world, where people are taking matters into their own hands to stop oil & gas pipelines, stop hydraulic fracking, strip mining, mountaintop mining and the companies & politicians most complicit in the current ecocide.

There are stories about tree sitters shutting down a strip mine in West Virginia, hundreds occupying the Office of the Department of the Interior, logging operations blockaded in Oregon, an indigenous groups stopping a natural gas project in Australia, Puerto Ricans resisting a natural gas pipeline on their island and Navajo activists fighting a water diversion project in Arizona.

All of these actions are individually and collectively making a difference and are contributing to a growing number of global actions of resistance against policies and practices that are destroying the planet.

If you want to do something in West Michigan, the group Mutual Aid GR is planning some upcoming actions against the fossil fuel industry, particularly around the issue of fracking. You can contact them at

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