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Rally for Religious Freedom features pro-War, pro-Capitalist speakers on Friday

June 7, 2012

Earlier today, MLive ran a brief article about what is being called a Rally for Religious Freedom.

The article states that the rally will involve members of the local Tea Party, have voter registration tables and information against Obamacare. The reporter also juxtaposes this event with the War Against Women Rally held at Rosa Parks Circle on May 24.

According to the Grand Rapids Right to Life website, the rally on Friday will feature the following speakers:

  • Fr. Robert Sirico, Founder of the Acton Institute
  • Sheryl Siegel, Member of Temple Emanuel and Ahavas Israel
  • Col. Denny Gillem, Retired Soldier
  • Dr. Meg Edison, Pediatrician and member of Physicians for Patient Care
  • Paul Miller, Right to Life of Michigan PAC Director
  • Mike Koelzer, Pharmacist and Owner of Kay Pharmacy
  • Richard Thompson, Thomas More Law School
  • Brad Snavely, Executive Director at Michigan Family Forum
  • Pete Hoekstra, Former U.S. Congressman and candidate for U.S. Senate
  • Rev. Mark Gurley, Serves on the Board of the Michigan Capital House of Prayer
  • Steve Redmond, Closing Remarks

It follows that there are people from Right to Life and the Michigan Family Forum, but it is interesting to note the likes of Col. Denny Gillem, Pete Hoekstra and Fr. Robert Sirico.

Gillem and Hoekstra seem to be making the round at far right rallies in Grand Rapids. Hoekstra and Gillem both spoke at a Pro-Israel Rally last year in Grand Rapids and Gillem spoke at a Pro-Capitalist Rally in December as a counter to the Occupy Movement.

Fr. Sirico is the founder and President of the Acton Institute, a pro-capitalism think tank that has been funded by the DeVos family and received funding from Exxon-Mobil to claim that global warming is a hoax.

It will be interesting to see how much coverage this rally gets and whether or not the local news media will provide any background information on the speakers and their politics.

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