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Blacklisted Film, Salt of the Earth, to be screened on June 14 in Grand Rapids

June 6, 2012

On June 14 the new group “Left Forum” will be showing the classic labor film SALT OF THE EARTH.

In a gritty mining town in New Mexico, Mexican-American workers go on strike to protest their dangerous working conditions and low wages. They meet with fierce opposition from company thugs and local sheriff’s deputies. After vicious beatings and the suffering of the miner’s families, the wives and mothers of the striking workers take over the picket line in a final demand for justice.

SALT OF THE EARTH was the only black listed American film in history. SALT OF THE EARTH was banned for its daring political content, which anticipated the civil rights and feminist movements by nearly ten years. This film was selected to the National Film Registry, Library Of Congress, in 1992.

Grand Rapids own Virginia Chambers was an actress in this film. We will be having a discussion afterward on her. The film is free and open to the public. The film will be shown on a TV set.

Thursday, June 14


 Institute for Global Education

 1118 Wealthy St., Grand Rapids, Mi. 49506

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