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Rally to End Wage Theft next week at the Calder Plaza

June 5, 2012

Next Tuesday, people are invited to participate in a Rally to End Wage Theft in downtown Grand Rapids.

Wage Theft is a common practice, where employers pay less than minimum wage; refuse overtime pay; force workers to work off the clock; hold back final paychecks; misclassify employees as independent contractors; steal tips; and fail to pay workers at all. Billions of dollars are stolen from workers each year in the US due to Wage Theft.

The Micah Center in Grand Rapids has been working on this issue for the past year with the intent of getting the City of Grand Rapids to pass an ordinance prohibiting Wage Theft. GRIID helped the Micah Center produce a video, which they have been using as an educational tool to get individuals and organizations to sign on to the campaign to End Wage Theft. Here is the trailer for that video.

The Rally will feature Kim Bobo, a national organizer on the issue of Wage Theft and the author of the book Wage Theft in America: Why Millions of Working Americans Are Not Getting Paid-And What We Can Do About It.

The rally will begin at 10:30am at the Calder Plaza and then people will go to the 9th floor of City Hall to present the proposal to end Wage Theft in Grand Rapids.

Rally to End Wage Theft

Tuesday, June 12


Calder Plaza, downtown Grand Rapids

For more information on the rally, the campaign to End Wage Theft in Grand Rapids or to host a screening of the Wage Theft video, contact Jordan Bruxvoort

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