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Carl Levin once again demonstrates his commitment to militarism and imperialism

June 4, 2012

On Friday, Michigan Senator Carl Levin posted on his website another commentary that not only reflects his commitment to militarism, but to the US acting as an imperial power.

Levin begins the commentary by stating, “As chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, my most important responsibility each year is passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, which authorizes programs and sets policies for our military.”

The honesty in this comment is useful and should make it clear to anyone who thinks Levin has some commitment to social justice that they are dead wrong. Sure Levin may vote occasionally to support unions or put mild pressure on the financial industry, but Levin is a militarist plain and simple.

Besides voting for the annual National Defense Authorization Bill each year, a bill that means a huge chunk of the federal budget is allocated to the military, Levin has supported virtually every war or invasion that the US has engaged in over the past 30 years while serving in the Senate. Some will argue that Levin opposed the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, but once the occupation began Levin voted to authorize every major funding bill for the US war in Iraq, which has resulted in over 1 million deaths.

In his posting on June 1st Senator Levin highlights why he supports the nearly $1 Trillion National Defense Authorization Act. He again affirms his commitment to the nearly 11- year US occupation of Afghanistan, despite the brutal killing of Afghan civilians by US troops on the group or through the use of drones.

Levin also states he supports the US military activity in Yemen and East Africa, even though it is clear that these area have nothing to do with the defense of the US. US military actions in these areas of the world do have everything to do with geo-political and economic interests that benefit corporations and defense contractors.

The Michigan Senator then goes on to state the National Defense Authorization Act will stop the spread of nuclear weapons and materials, even though analysis by the Institute for Policy Studies provides a fundamentally different view of the provisions in the bill on nuclear policy.

Levin continues with claims that the annual military bill will, “strengthen special operations forces.” What Senator Levin leaves out is what the US special operations forces have been doing lately, which is the focus of a recent article by military analyst Andrew Bacevich. Levin’s comments on special operations forces also omits information on the assassination squads that President Obama has decided to oversee personally.

Senator Levin then writes about how the new military funding bill will impact the National Guard, but he saves the best for last by talking about how, “this year’s bill continues to rely on Michigan’s manufacturing, engineering and technological know-how to protect our country.” Levin uses the last three paragraphs to talk about how the military budget will continue to re-direct US tax dollars to the private sector to make weapons and other resources that will be used by the US military abroad to maintain the imperialist stranglehold on the world. Some will see this as Levin keeping jobs in Michigan, but his continued support for the military industrial complex should not be something that people should praise, even if you call it job creation.


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