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Mutual Aid GR announces new online barter system

April 16, 2012

The group calling themselves Mutual Aid Grand Rapids, has just announced they have gone live with a online site that promotes bartering.

The online bartering system is designed to:

  • share skills/resources
  • build community and
  • resist the environmental destruction being brought about by global capitalism.

According to the Mutual Aid GR site:

This board was created to help build stronger community in West Michigan, stop hyper-consumption and utilize people’s talents. Our current economic system serves a small percentage of the population, causes tremendous human harm and is environmentally destructive.

Barter Board is just one attempt to create more economic freedom and autonomy for people to collective resist capitalism.

The online barter system is self-posting where one can add the skills/resources they can barter with by category. People can also search for skills resources they need and be matched with people who can barter with them. The more people who add to the site, the more opportunities there are for people to barter.

Bartering is based on exchange or trade, so we ask that people not expect goods/services for free and are willing to actually barter with their own goods/services. Posts are welcome to either offer goods/services or to find goods/services needed. We ask that this system be based on barter (exchange of goods/services) and not on money. Users are welcome to list their talents and the degree to which they are proficient in these talents, understanding that someone may offer to provide a service in which they are not necessarily professionally trained.

In addition, Mutual Aid GR is also hosting a People’s Assembly on Radical Sustainability this Saturday as an alternative Earth Day event. The People’s Assembly will be a forum to discuss tactics, strategies and actions to take that call for systemic change and resistance to ecologically devastating effects of global capitalism.

People’s Assembly for Radical Sustainability

Saturday, April 21

11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Trinity United Methodist Church

1100 Lake Dr. SE, Grand Rapids

The event is free and open to anyone who believes we need to take bold action against the current destruction of this planet and anyone who isn’t being duped by green capitalism.

Lunch and childcare is also being offered. For more information go to

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