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Bloom Collective hosting event this Wednesday on NATO protest in Chicago

April 9, 2012

The Bloom Collective is hosting a forum this Wednesday for people who want to learn about the US role in NATO and the upcoming protest in Chicago, where NATO will be having a meeting.

The G8 countries were originally scheduled to meet at the same time as NATO in Chicago, but because of the massive protests that were being planned, the Obama administration moved the G8 gathering to the government protected Camp David site.

The NATO protest in Chicago is planned for May 20 and the coalition of groups involved just obtained a permit for their march, despite the fact that the city will be heavily militarized.

The event at the Bloom Collective is designed to provide information about NATO and its imperialist function for the US and other rich nations of the world. The forum will also feature information for people who plan to go to the protest in Chicago and how to be better prepared when dealing with police and other oppressive forces in that context.

The NATO forum in free and open to anyone, plus it is a potluck, so there will be food to share.

NATO Protest discussion

Wednesday, April 11

5:30 – 7:30PM

Bloom Collective

Steepletown Center

671 Davis NW, Grand Rapids

There is also a facebook page for this event.

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