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“Voices of the Women’s Health Movement”

March 28, 2012

Last week, approximately 40 women gathered at The Bloom Collective for the 4th Annual Empowered Women’s Health Workshop. They came eager to share and learn. The women came from varying economic levels, ranged in age from pre-teen though crone, were black, white and shades in between. Barriers dropped. Healing wisdom and empowerment ensued.

The wisdom and experiences shared during the workshop mirrored the intent of a new two-volume work edited by Barbara Seaman, “Voices of the Women’s Health Movement.” Described as “An unprecedented and definitive collection of rabble-rousing writings on women’s health,” the pages share women’s powerful writings on a wide variety of topics: reproductive rights, sexuality, pregnancy, childbirth and mothering, violence, illness, aging and many more.

While some of the authors are well known names, for example, Sojourner Truth, Susan Brownmiller, Shere Hite, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Angela Davis, others are less familiar. However, upon reading what they share, a woman experiences a kinship and pride in the amazing female lineage giving voice to women’s concerns with their health—and their right to have power over it.

Volume one gets started with a historical overview.  Women with healing power were marginalized (and sometime burned at the stake) in those days; that marginalization continues today. While women today continue to find themselves maneuvering a patriarchal healthcare system, these voices from across the centuries inspire to look within and to other powerful women for healing alternatives. And, when the medical pathway becomes the chosen option, here is courage to speak up and demand respectful, informed care.

“Voices of the Women’s Health Movement” is now available at The Bloom Collective.

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