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Book Traffickers Smuggle Banned Books Into Tucson, Arizona

March 21, 2012

This video is re-posted from the Real News Network.

Students and activists set up “Underground Libraries” of books prohibited in suspended Mexican American Studies classrooms

On Friday, March 16th, a caravan of students, teachers, and activists calling themselves “librotraficantes,” or book traffickers, rolled into Tucson, Arizona bringing boxes of “smuggled” books that have been prohibited in the classrooms of the Tucson Unified School District following the controversial suspension of its Mexican American Studies program.

The caravan traveled more than 1,000 miles over the span of 5 days after departing from Houston, Texas, with additional caravans arriving from other locations like Los Angeles. On Saturday, lead librotraficante organizer Tony Diaz and others staged a literary teach-in at the John Valenzuela Youth Center in South Tucson, where they also established one of several new “Underground Libraries” where the banned books will be available to community members.


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