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Grand Rapids People’s History Project: Local resistance to the Vietnam War

February 15, 2012

Earlier today we did the first interview in our newest Grand Rapids People’s History Project. The focus of this film and online archive is local resistance to the US war in Vietnam.

The areas of interest we want to explore are: public forms of resistance in Grand Rapids, such as protest, marches and teach-ins; draft resistance; Vietnam Veterans and GI resistance; responses from the faith community; tax resistance; cultural resistance through music, poetry & art; and people from Grand Rapids going to Washington DC or other sites of major protests during that time.

Like the Grand Rapids People’s History of the LGBTQ Community, we plan on conducting interviews and collecting archival documents, pictures and video. We also will be looking at what was happening locally to what was happening nationally and we will investigate the way in which the local news media reported on the US war in Vietnam.

We are looking for people to interview who were active in the anti-war movement in the 1960’s and 70’s. If people know someone who was involved in that resistance and can provide us with contact information that would be helpful. We are also looking for people who could donate time and energy to doing research with us for this project, such as researching the Grand Rapids Press, college newspapers and any other public record from that time, which would provide us with archival materials on the local anti-Vietnam War movement.

For those who want to be involved in this project contact me at

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