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Action Alert: Gov. Snyder still undecided on domestic partner benefits bill

December 11, 2011

We reported on Thursday, that legislation approved by both the House and Senate in Michigan was headed to Governor Rick Snyder, legislation that would eliminate domestic partner benefits for government/public employees.

As of this writing, Snyder has yet to finalize that legislation. Equality Michigan sent out an action alert yesterday stating:

Governor Snyder has said he may sign the ban on domestic partner benefits if certain groups are exempt. Tell Governor Snyder that he can’t pick and choose which of Michigan’s hard working employees to discriminate against.

We need thousands of people to keep the pressure on Governor Snyder to veto these bills. Please ask your friends and family to contact the Governor right away at

Equality Michigan also reports that the ACLU is collecting stories from people who currently have domestic partner benefits, but would lose them if Snyder doesn’t veto this legislation. Here is one story from Kent County:

Deb has worked for the Kent County Department of Human Services for 17 years and covers her partner Michelle through her employment with the State. Michelle recently underwent surgery and suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. If Governor Snyder signs this bill, it will be almost impossible for Michelle and Deb to find an affordable health care plan.

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