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Journalist, singer-songwriter Ryan Harvey in GR for Ordinary Heroes Release Tour

December 7, 2011

7 p.m. Saturday Dec. 10
At The DAAC, 115 S. Division · Heartside , Grand Rapids, MI · 49503
$6 – $10 sliding scale, no one turned away
Sponsored by The Bloom Collective

Fresh from playing Europe and Occupy! cities acorss the US,  Ryan Harvey will be hitting up the Midwest in  December with his new album Ordinary Heroes, a collaborative album with violinist/journalist/documentarian Michael Fox. The recording, dedicated to historian and activist Howard Zinn, emphasizes and celebrates social movements as a means of overcoming injustice.

Harvey has been writing and performing hard-hitting political folk songs for more than ten years. A part of the Riot-Folk Collective, his music is aimed to support those working for positive change and to educate people about issues of peace and social and economic justice.

When he’s not on the road, Harvey  supports Iraq Veterans Against the War through an organization he co-founded,  The Civilian-Soldier Alliance that helps members strategize, do outreach events and stay sane in the half-crazed world of trying to fight for justice.

His writings are posted on his blog, Even If Your Voice Shakes, and he also writes for the Baltimore-based Independent Reader, has been published by The Nation, TruthOut, Common Dreams, ZNet and others.

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