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Grand Rapids LGBTQ History Project: Video of the 1988 Pride Celebration in Grand Rapids

December 5, 2011

The Lesbian and Gay Community Network of Western Michigan, along with Dignity and Aradia organized the first ever Pride Celebration in Grand Rapids in June of 1988.

The event featured speakers, poetry, music and numerous Lesbian and Gay organizations, which were tabling at the event. The Pride Celebration was held at the old Monroe Amphitheater in downtown Grand Rapids.

In this video you will hear Bryan Ribbons read a proclamation, since the Mayor at that time, Gerry Helmholt, refused to recognize and support the first ever Pride Celebration.

The video also documents that there were a small group of religious extremists, which came to the event to harass and intimidate those who came to celebrate with pride.

This video is archived on the Grand Rapids LGBTQ People’s History Project site and is 90 minutes in length.

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