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International Climate Summit begins in Durban today

November 28, 2011

Today, in South Africa, the newest round of international talks begin on the issue of global warming and climate justice, hosted by the United Nations.

While representatives from governments around the world meet there will be grassroots meetings and actions to challenge the nations of the world, which many feel are not doing anything concrete to further climate justice and to seriously address the urgent need to drastically reduce global carbon emissions.

Mary Robinson, Founder of the Climate Justice Foundation, said recently, “People are suffering because of the impact of climate change, those who are suffering most are not responsible, so the rich world has to take it’s responsibility, we have to have a continuation of Kyoto, a track that leads to a fair, ambitious and binding agreement and we have to do it here in Durban.

Many grassroots organizations and climate justice organizations don’t have faith that the nations of the world, particularly the rich nations like the US, will allow for any serious outcomes from the Climate Summit in Durban.

Media coverage in the US will likely be limited and disproportionately from the perspective of the Obama administration. As a counter to commercial media coverage of the Climate Summit over the next 2 weeks we encourage people to check out independent, grassroots voices and perspectives. There are great materials and analysis on climate justice such as a guide from the Indigenous Environmental Network, False Solutions to Climate Change.

Other great resources can be found at Climate Justice Now, Mobilization for Climate Justice West, Climate Justice Action, the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth and Via Campesina.

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