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Bloom Collective will host Buy Nothing Day event: Really, Really Free Market and screening of What Would Jesus Buy?

November 20, 2011

The Grand Rapids Infoshop, the Bloom Collective, is hosting an event for the annual Buy Nothing Day, an event in contrast to the hyper-consumption day known as Black Friday on November 25.

Buy Nothing Day began years ago as a response to the hyper-commercialism and market driven culture, which celebrates shopping. Buy Nothing day counter-acts this consumerism by calling on people to not consume, to base our interactions with others through community building and to challenge the mantra of capitalist culture which says you show love for others by buying something for them.

As a way to celebrate Buy Nothing Day, the Bloom Collective is hosting a Really, Really Free Market (rrfm) where people can share basic necessities with others, which can also include skill share and other means of bartering with people. The rrfm will happen from noon til 4pm.

In addition, the Bloom Collective will be screening the documentary, What Would Jesus Buy? What Would Jesus Buy chronicles a campaign by Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping on a month long tour of the US bringing their message of non-commercialism through street theater.

Really, Really Free Market

12 – 4pm

What Would Jesus Buy?


Bloom Collective

671 Davis NW

Steepletown Community Center

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