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Who is the Biggest Farm Bill Loser video helps reframe the debate about the US food system

November 16, 2011

The research and advocacy group Food & Water Watch just released a new animated video as part of its campaign to influence the 2012 Farm Bill.

Meant as a spoof of the TV show “The Biggest Loser,” the Food & Water Watch video rightly frames the debate about the poor health of many Americans as a result of the corporate-based food system we have in this country.

“It is often argued that subsidies have lead to the overproduction of commodity crops like corn and soybeans, creating cheap junk food that makes us fat. This seems like a logical argument but it is grossly oversimplified. When you take a closer look, we find that the deregulation of commodity markets — not subsidies — has driven down the price of these commodity crops. Deregulation has made big corporations rich while farmers have struggled to survive. Based on this, can you guess who The Biggest Farm Bill Loser will be?

Food & Water Watch has a Grand Rapids campaign to make the 2012 Farm Bill respond to the real needs of farmers and the public. You can get information about the local campaign on Facebook.

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