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Announcing the Sprout Anarchist Collective

November 15, 2011

(GRIID received this announcement from the Sprout Anarchist Collective and we are posting it in its entirety. GRIID salutes this new effort, both the information and the opportunities for expanding radical politics in Grand Rapids.)

The Sprout Anarchist Collective is a new anarchist collective, distributor, and publisher here in the territory presently occupied and known as Grand Rapids, Michigan (lest we forget that we’re living on stolen land).

We’re anarchists because we don’t see anything worth salvaging in this civilization. Folks can spend much of their lives appealing to authority and seeking reformist demands with the best of intentions – and some of us have tried that route – but it ultimately won’t work. For those who identify as more “radical” than the movements they work in, you can hide your politics – or reduce them down to a series of catch phrases and slogans for banners – but you’ll ultimately be disappointed with the results. In the case that you do achieve a “victory” (always against nearly insurmountable odds), the results are often disappointing: less ecological devastation rather than no ecological devastation, fewer prisons not no prisons, community police officers rather than no police officers, or swapping fast-food jobs for “green jobs.”  Similarly, capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, and the whole lot aren’t going to go away by voting for a specific candidate, passing a particular piece of legislation, or replacing the government with a more “fair” (or even “revolutionary”) one. The problem is capitalism, the state and growing technology – and they must be abolished. In their place, we have our eye on a non-hierarchical world based on mutual aid, direct action, autonomy, and voluntary cooperation. Moreover, looking back for thousands of years there are plenty of examples showing that it is possible to live without hierarchy.

Ambitious goals to be sure, and we’re starting small. Yet we’re willing to bet that trying something entirely new will have great benefits. We’re working to increase the visibility of anarchist ideas and practice in Grand Rapids. Our primary activity is talking to folks and distributing and publishing literature, posters, and other propaganda. Our specific focus is on the kind of introductory material (think “how to” guides on building collectives and various tactics) that will inspire and help people start new autonomous projects that can delegitimize capitalism and the state on a number of different fronts. In addition, we also offer a variety of workshops (more to foster a conversation than to tell folks how or what to do) and publish news about what anarchists are doing locally, nationally, and globally to highlight the many ways in which folks are fighting to tear down this rotten system.

We encourage folks to check out our website to learn more about what we believe, to share ideas, or otherwise contribute:



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