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New report on Michigan campaign finance spending in 2010

September 29, 2011

The Michigan Campaign Finance Network has just released a new study of the 2010 election campaign spending for the mitten state.

The new report, 2010 Citizen Guide to Michigan Campaign Finance, is a 98 page report with information on campaign spending for all 2010 candidates and ballot initiatives in Michigan.

According to a Media Release, “Independent spenders overshadowed candidates’ committees in financing Michigan’s most prominent 2010 election campaigns.” The Media Release also highlights some of the areas of campaign finance spending in Michigan, where transparency was limited and where the public can clearly see how the US Supreme Court’s decision Citizens United impacted how money was spent.

“We’ve entered an era when a small group of undisclosed financial backers can drive an election outcome without leaving any fingerprints,” said Rich Robinson of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. “That is absolutely poisonous for democracy. And anyone who believes that kind of financial support is given for selfless reasons is delusional. Top-tier political donors are investors, and they get a return on their investment.”

Robinson went on to say, “Transparency and accountability gets lip-service in Lansing, but nobody is stepping up to address the deplorable lack transparency and accountability in Michigan political campaigns. Apparently, officeholders and stakeholders are betting that citizen ignorance and apathy is a permanent condition. Unless citizens start acting like citizens, and demand accountability, they can count on being left in the dark for a good long time.”

The Michigan Campaign Finance Network has once again provided the public with important information on how money influences the electoral process in Michigan. In addition, the report underscores why investing lots of energy on the electoral process for making change seems to be a dead end.

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