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Michigan House votes to overturn domestic partner benefits

September 16, 2011

Yesterday, the Michigan House voted 64 to 44 in favor of eliminating domestic partner benefits for Michigan’s public employees.

The vote is a blow to the LGBTQ community and to its allies. Michigan Messenger cites Emily Dievendorf, policy director of Equality Michigan in response to the vote.

This session’s rash of hate-fueled legislation is broad and punishing. The extremists in the House are a tank rolling down Main Street, leaving no vulnerable community unthreatened. Their efforts, while clearly inspired by animosity toward the gay and transgender community, are expressed through such a blinding and irrational rage that it has no limits.”

House Bills 4770 & 4771 were introduced by West Michigan legislator Dave Agema.  Agema not only has promoted anti-gay legislation, but legislation against workers, immigrants and racial minorities.

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