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War Resisters sentenced to 30 days in Federal Prison

August 30, 2011

Today it was reported that Max Kantar and Ahlam Mohsen were sentenced to 30 days in Federal Prison for their anti-war action last year in Big Rapids.

As we reported last August Michigan Senator Carl Levin was speaking at a Democratic Party meeting in Big Rapids when Kantar and Mohsen confronted Levin on his role in supporting war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and against the Palestinian people. One of the protestors read a statement and the other then threw a pie at Levin.

The Mlive story posted today presents the two war resisters as not knowing what they were doing. In addition the article cites the Judge on several occasions, but Mohsen and Kantar are never cited directly.

At one point in the article the judge is cited where he asked Kantar if, “perhaps the senator has done more reading than you have? … You assume you know more and you know the truth and he doesn’t.” It seems that one could easily say that the Judge is also making an assumption, since the statement by Mohsen and Kantar is very well written and sources, which indicates they are well informed on the issue of US war crimes.

One can not tell from the story whether or not Mohsen or Kantar spoke at the sentencing today, but the Press reporter didn’t bother to even provide background information on the war resisters and their motives, which can be found at the Campaign to Free Ahlam Mohsena and Max Kantar.

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  1. Patricia permalink
    August 31, 2011 1:03 am

    The media does such a poor job of reporting. It is so biased that it makes me angry. 30 days in federal prison for throwing a pie is overkill. I hope the pie met its target at least. The democrats have been no better than bush/cheney. We now have more wars than when those bozos were in office. I heard that Donna Brazil stated on national TV that Obama has lost his base. I hope he knows it.

  2. terrence permalink
    September 1, 2011 3:14 am

    This whole system is rotten to the core.

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