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Rally for Marital Justice all week in Grand Rapids

August 1, 2011

The struggle for LGBTQ justice has been taking place in Grand Rapids for decades and one of the most visible allies of the LGBTQ community over the years has been the group Concerned Clergy.

Concerned Clergy was involved in the early days of LGBTQ organizing in Grand Rapids and has provided not on spiritual support for the LGBTQ community, they have actively been engaged in local campaigns. Concerned Clergy was involved in the effort to get an anti-discrimination ordinance passed in Grand Rapids and has organized numerous forums on the faith & justice implications of support equality and dignity for all.

Today in Grand Rapids, several members of Fountain Street Church continue that tradition by holding a monthly vigil in support of Marriage Equality. Starting on Valentine’s Day nearly three years ago Rev. Fred Wooden and Rev. Matthew Cockrum began inviting members of their congregation and the general community to join them in these vigils to make this issue public and to say that Marriage Equality is not just an issue for the LGBTQ community, but one that the straight community should also fight for.

These vigils are the first Wednesday of every month, beginning at noon near the entrance to Rosa Parks Circle. This week, however, they are hosting a vigil Monday through Friday to try to make this issue more visible to the Grand Rapids community.

GRIID had a chance to interview Fred Wooden about the history of this effort, what it means for West Michigan and his thoughts on the recent vote to have Marriage Equality in New York.

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