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Grand Rapids protest brings out 50 against current economic policies in Michigan

June 20, 2011

Earlier today roughly 50 people gathered in downtown Grand Rapids to protest the economic policies implemented by the Snyder administration in Lansing.

People gathered in front of the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce building at 111 Pearl Street since the GR Chamber has played a significant role in crafting and supporting these new economic policies such as the elimination of the Michigan Business Tax.

The local Chamber office was close today with a sign attached saying that their staff was on retreat. No one present at the demonstration knew if this was just coincidence or if the Chamber decided to avoid any confrontation.

The protest was organized with the help of several local unions, particularly the Teamsters who have begun a new organizing effort locally and across the country.

People held signs for more than an hour and moved along Pearl Street chanting slogans like, “the banks got bailed out, we got sold out” and “We will fight, we will win, Cairo, Madison, Michigan.” After about an hour 2 Grand Rapids cops arrived to tell the demonstrators that they were “being too loud.” One demonstrator asked how this could be when there are weekly outdoor concerts in the downtown area that create much more noise than people engaged in free speech. The cops didn’t seem interested in hearing any logical argument.

GRIID spoke with one of the organizers from the Teamsters, Terry Hoogerhyde and a retired teacher Esther Turner. Here are there comments:

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  1. Kate Wheeler permalink
    June 22, 2011 3:28 pm

    Were it not for GRIID, we would not hear about events like this; I don’t think it was even mentioned in the Press. Thanks for the report; the interviews were great.

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