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Labor Protest Planned for Monday outside GR Chamber of Commerce offices

June 16, 2011

We received a flyer today from the Kent Ionia Labor Council announcing a protest planned for Monday, June 20 in Grand Rapids.

The protest will be held in front of the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce office at 111 Pearl St. in downtown Grand Rapids from 11:30AM – 1:00PM.

The State and regional offices of the Chamber of Commerce certainly have a history of lobbying on behalf on business interests, collectively spending over one hundred thousand in lobbying Lansing lawmakers in 2010 alone. The Grand Rapids Chamber hosted Governor Snyder in April and welcomed the then proposal to eliminate the Michigan Business Tax.

The flyer states that people will be showing their “displeasure with the $1.8 billion tax shift from Business to Pensioners and Low to Middle Income Workers.” The flyer invites people to bring their own signs, but does not state how people will be showing their displeasure.

The flyer also states, “The $1.8 Billion Tax Shift has resulted in the taxing of pensions, elimination of the EITC tax credit, the lack of funding for public schools and many other issues!” 

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