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Grand Rapids Volunteers Needed to Help Repeal EFM Law

May 31, 2011

Earlier in May, we reported on a grassroots effort across Michigan to repeal Public Act 4, the EFM law that has been called “fiscal martial law.”

A petition has been drafted and accepted. Now Michigan Forward has notified GRIID that it is ready to begin collecting signatures in the Grand Rapids area. The Detroit-based organization is also going to spearhead the signature canvass here. And Grand Rapids is crucial to the success of this initiative, since it is the second-largest city in the state.

Throughout the summer, signatures must be collected and then verified. Once there are enough signatures to put a repeal vote on the 2012 ballot, it will suspend the new EFM law until the election. Snyder and the Michigan Legislature will be forced to go back to using the much more reasonable EFM law that was in use prior to this year.

Help stop Public Act 4 cold. Michigan Forward will hold training sessions for all canvassers. The canvass launch date is Saturday, June 4, and a training session will be held here that day in Grand Rapids. To sign up, use this link and fill out the form.

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