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GR Press article perpetuates pro-Israeli Propaganda

May 23, 2011

On Saturday, the Grand Rapids Press ran an article in the Religion section about area Christians who traveled to Israel recently as part of a faith tour.

The brief article mentioned that 68 people participated in a 10-day tour that involved opportunities to meet Israeli people, discuss political events and even join Jewish families in observing the Sabbath with Shabbat dinner in their homes.”

In addition to people talking about their faith experiences while on the tour, much of the story was centered around the political aspect of the tour and the pro-Zionist perspective that was presented.

The article states that four speakers were lined up for the tour and listed them as “a representative of the Israel Defense Forces; an international consultant for NBC and Jerusalem Post Muslim journalist; and the Palestinian Media Watch founder.” While not know what a consultant for NBC would say the rest of the speakers clearly would have provided a pro-Israeli perspective, especially the Israeli soldier and the founder of Palestinian Media Watch, a pro-Israeli blog that presents a one-sided view of Palestine and Palestinians. The founder of this group is Itamar Marcus who is frequently a “guest expert” on US cable news stations and is featured in the fear mongering, anti-Islam DVD Obsession, which was released just weeks before the 2008 US Elections.

The local organizer of the trip to Israel also stated, “Despite the threat of bombs coming in from Gaza and a bus station bombing near their hotel in Jerusalem, no one on the trip was afraid.” In some ways such a statement from an Israeli support is not surprising, but it is troubling however that the Press reporter did not question such a statement.

If recent history is any indication then the idea of bombs coming in from Gaza would not only be an absurd notion it would be a complete reversal of the truth. In late 2008/early 2009, the Israeli military sent bombs into Gaza for weeks killing and wounding thousands of Palestinian civilians and the targeting of schools and hospitals, according to an investigative report by the United Nations.

By not questioning the statement the Press reporter perpetuated standard Israeli propaganda and minimizes, or in this case eliminates, the massive human rights violations committed the Israeli Defense Forces against Palestinians.

It is one thing for the Press to communicate the faith-based perspective of Christians on a trip to Israel and not question those perspective, but when the local news media publishes points of view that are not factual without question then the local news does a disservice to the public.

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