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Film looks at how US Deportations separate families

May 15, 2011

One aspect of the current US immigration policy that is rarely discussed in commercial media is the harsh reality of how families get separated because of this inhuman policy.

Touring the US right now is the director of the film Tony & Janina’s American Wedding, a new documentary that puts a human face on how the current US immigration policy impacts families. The group Alliance for Immigrant Rights has organized the film tour in Michigan and Justice for Our Neighbors will host viewings in Holland and Grand Rapids on Tuesday, May 17.

Tony & Janina’s American Wedding is a feature length documentary that gets to the heart of the broken, red tape ridden U.S. immigration system.   After 18 years in America, Tony and Janina Wasilewski’s family is torn apart when Janina is deported back to Poland, taking their 6 year old son Brian with her.  Set on the backdrop of the Chicago political scene, and featuring Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez at the heart of the immigration reform movement, this film follows the Wasilewski’s 3-year struggle to be reunited, as their Senator Barack Obama rises to the Presidency.  With a fresh perspective on the immigration conversation, this film tells the untold human rights story of Post-9/11, that every undocumented immigrant in America faces today, with the power to open the conversation for change.”

The two West Michigan screenings are:

Tuesday, May 17th at noon Herrick District Library in Holland

Tuesday, May 17th – 7pm Woodland Celebration Cinema in Grand Rapids

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  1. Kate Wheeler permalink
    May 16, 2011 1:34 pm

    This is the nightmare that every immigrant family faces…and there is no need for them to live with such daily, damaging fear. The way that the Obama administration has put immigration reform on the back burner (if it’s even on the stove at all) is criminal. The lives of so many people hang on decisions that Washington should have made decades ago.

  2. Love2Watch permalink
    May 26, 2011 12:36 pm

    The law that former President Clinton signed in 1996 was very much draconian and inhumane. After I watched what happened to these couplle, tears flow into my eyes, because I had been separated from husband of 10 years and daughter for almost 3 years now and waiting for my appeal on the I-601 my husband filed. No words can explain the feelings of emptiness and loneliness without my family on my side. As we all know that life is so fragile and no one knows what the next day brings. I missed almost 3 years of my life not spending with my family it is such a horrible feelings. I had been in the US for 20 years never commited a crime except for unlawful stayed. Its not even a fault of my own. As the bible stated ” Man dominate man to his injury” We all have to hangin in there God is watching and those who did vile things will be punished by the supreme ruler the Creator who created us all.

  3. rachel permalink
    September 23, 2012 8:11 pm

    Hey Love2watch, how are you doing? Did you get reunited with your family?? I hope so!! I am myself waiting for my visa; I am days away from filing my 601 waiver. I havent seen my only daughter for 3 years, away from home 5 years. My husband is so depressed over this whole situation. I just want to hear from someone who is the same shoes as i am. Thank you.

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