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Local Fundraiser for Iraqi boy seriously wounded in US bombing raid

April 21, 2011

On Tuesday, April 26 the local group Healing Children of Conflict will host a fundraiser for an Iraqi boy who was seriously wounded by US bombing while playing outside his home in Baghdad.

What follows is a brief account of what happened in 2008 from the boy’s father:

“My son Hamzah was badly injured, covered with blood, stomach and intestines are cut out of his belly, the car was destroyed and part of my house and the houses next to it. I carried my son Hamzah who was in a very bad condition, and ran to the nearest hospital to my home. The doctors told me: “What do you want us to do with him, we cannot do anything; he will die”.

I was crying, begging, they agreed to take him, they took him into the operating room. The operation lasted for 4-5 hours. When he came out, he was in a catastrophic condition; all wrapped in bandages and tubes, and his right leg was plastered.”

Hamzah survived the operation, but he lost one of his legs and has had continuous medical problems since the April 2008 US bombing that changed his family’s life.

Healing Children of Conflict will be bringing Hamazh and his father to Grand Rapids next month for medical treatment and they need your help to cover the costs of the trip and provide other services while they are both in town.

The fundraiser is this Tuesday, April 26, 7:00PM at 25 Kitchen a downtown Grand Rapids restaurant located at 25 Ottawa SW. Tickets are $10 or $25 and there will be a brief informational program along with the meal.

For more information on this event or ways you can support the medical needs of Hamzah contact Healing Children of Conflict at

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