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Sisters shine at 3rd Empowered Womyn’s Health Workshop

March 25, 2011

Last Saturday, nearly 30 women of all ages came together for The Bloom Collective’s third annual Empowered Women’s Health workshop. Our time together was heartwarming, inspirational and informative.

We ate great food! The workshop kicked off with a brief presentation on good foods and bad foods, as relates to women’s health. Brief, because the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen made everyone anxious to get on with Nancy Rutledge’s healthy foods cooking demo. She and her assistant, Stella, prepared Gluten Free Cornbread, Quinoa Salad w,Sweet Potatoes and Raisins, Ginger Vinagrette and Black Beans w/Greens and Brown Rice. Here is a .pdf of  Nancy’s recipes.

We learned how birth practices impact our society. Next, Shannon Pawson presented a marvelous overview of American birth and what we can all do to change the obstetric practices that make the US almost the most dangerous place on earth to have a baby (in terms of both infant and maternal mortality rates). Sarah also shared how childbirth does not impact just the family but the whole culture. Embracing a home-birth/midwifery model will not only mean better outcomes but also a culture more prone to community and peace. To download  Shannon Pawson’s Bloom Birth Presentation and handout, Things You Can Do To Make Birth Better, click here.

We made home brews. Next we moved back to the kitchen to brew our own herbal remedies. Miranda and Bethany facilitated as we mixed up brews of nettle, red raspberry leaves, alfalfa and red clover. Those down with colds added some mullein and ginger to their mixes. Claire AK also shared how weomen can get the specific vitamins and minerals they need from foods we eat.

We took a stand! We closed the instruction portion of the day with a skill-share where Kelsey Hakeem taught us how to pee standing up. We were surprised to learn that girls and women are indeed “equipped” to pee while standing, but cultural mores have prevented us from being taught as children in how to do so. Kelsey instructed us to stand with legs part, pull up on the crotch area on either side, thrust the hips forward a bit and go for it. She recommended practicing in the shower. She also mentioned women can buy funnels on-line that make peeing while standing simple—you don’t even have to take down your pants. She uses one when camping.

During this session, others shared more great advice around such topics as herbal birth control and handling urinary tract infections. As we listened, many women took opportunity to sew their own cloth menstrual pads, with guidance provided by Rachel Hamilton, who had presented on menstrual health the past two years.

Sister power! After closing with a restful yoga nidra meditation, we were invigorated, inspired and hopeful about creating more community and making our culture one where women’s wisdom is honored. In all, it was a time when we got to see our sisters shine. The light was bright, beautiful … and full of power.

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  1. Diane B permalink
    March 25, 2011 9:18 pm

    Well said!

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