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New Media We Recommend

March 11, 2011

Below is a list of new materials that we have read/watched in recent weeks. The comments are not a “review” of the material, instead sort of an endorsement of ideas and investigations that can provide solid analysis and even inspiration in the struggle for change. All these books are available at The Bloom Collective, so check them out and stimulate your mind.

The Goldstone Report: The Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict, edited by Adam Horowitz, Lizzy Ratner, and Philip Weiss – It has been more than two years since the Israeli Assault on Gaza and more than a year since the Goldstone Report was released. This book not only provides us with the content of that report, it includes commentary by South African Bishop Desmund Tutu, Naomi Klein and a numerous other writers and activist who talk about the significance of the record on what Israel did to innocent Palestinian civilians between late December of 2008 and January of 2009. This is an important volume that will add to the international case against Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine.


23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism, by Ha-Joon Chang – If you are looking for a thoughtful and non-ideological book that deconstructs capitalism, look no further. Ha-Joon Chang, author of the acclaimed book Bad Samaritans, provides us with a very readable critique of the economic system of capitalism. Chang presents 23 fundamental points for each chapter and then lays out very sound arguments to support each statement. 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism may not be an anti-capitalist manifesto, but it certainly provides people with an important critique that does come with a great deal of ideological baggage.

Obama and the Empire, by Fidel Castro – Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has certainly seen his share of US presidents, but one thing has remained the same….US policy towards Cuba. In this collection of short essays Castro provides an interesting analysis of US foreign policy since Barack Obama became President a little over two years ago. Castro backs up the title of the book by demonstrating that the imperialist policies of the US have not been fundamentally altered since Obama entered the White House. The essays are chronological and cover the period from Obama’s election to the summer of 2010. Obama and the Empire is an important contribution to the growing body of literature that smashes any illusion that US foreign policy would be any different under the current administration.

The Coca-Cola Case (DVD) – This film by German Gutierrez & Carmen Garcia is a must see for anyone who has not been completely numbed by the branded image of the world’s most famous soda. The Coca-Cola Case is based on the work of union members, human rights activists and lawyers who have been fighting to Coca Cola Company over their denial that union workers in Colombia are being assassinated for attempting to organize workers in the Coke bottling plants. Even if you are familiar with the Killer Coke Campaign, this film is still important to see, not just because it deals with corporate crimes, because it shows what the possibilities are of cross-border organizing and solidarity.


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