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Mike Huckabee coming to West Michigan

February 15, 2011

Evidence that the 2012 Presidential Election is just around the corner was found on MLive today with a short article about GOP candidate Mike Huckabee coming to Holland.

The MLive story tells us that Huckabee will be giving two sermons at a church in Holland and signing copies of his newest book in between. The story also said that Huckabee would be giving a “bible-based” sermon rather than a political speech. In addition the brief article mentioned that Huckabee called Sarah Palin the GOP’s “rock star” last year.

The MLive reporter treated Huckabee’s visit like that of a Hollywood celebrity, only providing readers with minor details and superficial comments about what Huckabee has been up to. However, MLive did provide one hyperlink that was quite instructive to read, a link that said the presidential candidate recently return from a trip to Israel.

The link is to an article from the online DC blog The Hill. In the story we learn that Huckabee was in Israeli to let Israelis know that he is committed to maintaining that country’s security and that he doesn’t believe the Obama administration is doing enough to support Israel.

For instance, Huckabee, “told settlers that Israelis have the right to build anywhere in the land that God gave them.” This comment came in reference to Huckabee’s support of settlement expansion something the Obama administration has voiced concern about. However, voicing concern over settlement expansion is meaningless as long as the US is committed to bankrolling Israel. President Obama in his budget proposal speech yesterday said that he was increasing US aid to Israel to a record-breaking $3.075 billion for fiscal year 2012, according to the group End the Occupation.

The Hill article also says that Huckabee supports the Israeli occupation and control of Jerusalem and the West Bank and he believes that “Palestinian identity is a political construct.”  The story ends with a rather interesting comment from Huckabee, who said, “The good news is we ain’t going to Egypt.” Apparently Huckabee doesn’t think much of the Egyptian freedom movement.

It’s too bad that MLive didn’t make these comments part of their story announcing Huckabee’s visit. It would seem to this writer that his position on US foreign policy in the Middle East would be much more relevant than his designation of Sarah Palin as a rock star.


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