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February 4, 2011


(This article is re-posted from the Center for Responsive Politics.)

Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra is the latest member of the departed 111th Congress to take a spin through the revolving door of political influence.

The former Intelligence Committee chairman will translate his know-how to major law and lobbying firm Dickstein Shapiro, according to Politico. As the firm’s new legislative and regulatory adviser on intelligence, Hoekstra joins a host of former members of Congress, including once-speaker of the House of Representatives, Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and former Sen. Tim Hutchinson (R-Ark.).

Hoekstra, a Michigan Republican, surrendered his congressional post during the last election cycle, after leaving to run for governor of his home state. He failed to advance beyond the primary in that contest, but Hoekstra is one of several high-profile Republicans reportedly considering a challenge to Democrat Debbie Stabenow, Michigan’s junior senator, during the 2012 election.


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