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Body Image: Loving your self, not the lie

August 30, 2010

Body Image Potluck Discussion

6 – 8 p.m. Thursday Sept 2

The Bloom Collective

Steepletown Center

671 Davis NW

(Corner of 5th & Davis)

This coming Thursday, Sept. 2, The Bloom Collective hosts a potluck discussion on Body Image. Men and women are invited to join the conversation which will touch on topics including how the media instills false, unrealistic standards of beauty and perfection and how advertisers profit from American’s universal low self-image to sell products we do not need.

When our body image is skewed, our entire lives can be impacted. Eating disorders, exercise addiction, depression and inability to function confidently in life can break down our mental health and our relationships with family and friends at home, school and work.

How do we deconstruct the media message of perfect beauty and no longer take it personally? How can we learn to love and accept our bodies when they don’t live up to the standards advertisers constantly throw in our faces?

This potluck discussion may not bring participants to that ultimate goal but hopefully an honest discussion about these dishonest standards will help each of us move forward towards loving the body we live in.

The Bloom Collective will provide vegan options and asks guests to bring a dish to pass. For information, email or visit

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