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Hoekstra votes for more Afghan war funding

July 29, 2010

Late Tuesday, the US House of Representatives voted 308 – 114 in favor of President Obama’s war surge in Afghanistan. This means the President got the additional $33.5 billion to go towards the additional 30,000 US troops now deployed in Afghanistan.

Twelve Republicans and 102 Democrats voted against the war-funding bill. Amongst those who opposed sending billions more for a failed war in Afghanistan was West Michigan Congressman Vern Ehlers, although since Ehlers has announced his retirement this vote doesn’t seem to have much significance.

Voting for additional war funding was 2nd Congressional District Representative Pete Hoekstra. Hoekstra, a GOP candidate for Governor in Michigan, is also now a leading member in the Tea Party Caucus. Joining Hoekstra in voting for the President’s war funding bill were 148 Democrats and 160 Republicans.

According to an Associated Press article the President urged passage of the war-funding bill, saying in a Rose Garden statement that it was needed “to ensure that our troops have the resources they need and that we’re able to do what’s necessary for our national security.” Like Bush before him, President Obama doesn’t clarify how a nearly 9-year occupation of Afghanistan is necessary for national security.

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