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Levin again approves of the US Occupation of Afghanistan

June 24, 2010

In a statement released yesterday, Michigan Senator Carl Levin gave his approval on the decision of President Obama to nominate General David Petraeus to lead the U.S. occupation in Afghanistan.

Levin, who is the chairman of the Senator Armed Services Committee stated, “For many reasons, General Petraeus is a solid choice to take over in Afghanistan. He provides strength and continuity. Indeed, he was the architect of the counter-insurgency strategy — he literally wrote the book setting it out.

This sort of statement clearly means that Levin condones the Petraeus designed counter-insurgency campaign in Iraq that left thousands dead, wounded and displaced. This same type of counter-insurgency in Afghanistan will also have disastrous results and it signals a stronger commitment to a military solution.

Levin goes on to say of the Petraeus nomination, “He also agrees with both key parts of that strategy: first, that additional troops be surged into Afghanistan by the end of the summer, and, second, that there be reductions in our troops levels in Afghanistan beginning in July 2011 as the essential way of getting the Afghans to focus on the need to transition to them the responsibility for their own security.

This statement is consistent with previous statements by Levin that does not take into consideration that the Afghanis will never be able to provide adequate security in their country while an occupation exists and many Afghanis distrust the US-trained/financed local security forces.

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