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Separation of Oil & State

June 23, 2010

(This article is re-posted from Oil Change International.)

Last week, Barack Obama joined every President since Richard Nixon in calling for an end to our dependence on oil.  Like both Bushes, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford and Nixon, the rhetoric was great, but the specifics were…lacking.

We all know we need to end our dependence on oil.  To get there, we need not only good ideas for clean energy policy and innovation, we need a separation of oil and state.

The Separation of Oil & State campaign is about breaking the co-dependent, dysfunctional, destructive relationship between the oil industry and the US government.

The sad fact is that after 40 years of tough talk from Presidents, the oil industry is giving and getting more money than ever before.  Just two weeks ago, with the Gulf disaster spewing away, the US Senate defeated a measure that would have eliminated some oil subsidies. It’s outrageous.

Enough is enough.  To break our nation’s addiction to oil, our Representatives will have to break their addiction to oil money. No more oily Congress.  No more subsidies as rewards for campaign contributions.  Our government should represent us, not the fossil fuel industry.

Join the Separation of Oil and State campaign and write your representatives in Washington today.

After you’ve taken action, please tell your friends about the campaign.  We need to build a movement to demand that our government represent us, not the fossil fuel industry.  Please help us.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be providing new and updated tools to help you hold Washington accountable.  We’ve heard enough promises, it’s time to demand action.

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