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Local Rally against BP joins worldwide outcry

June 19, 2010

A small group rallied near the driveway of the Eastown BP gas station today as part of a Rally Against BP, organized by members of The Bloom Collective. The rally was staged in solidarity with hundreds of other rallies happening around the world. Goals for the rally were to promote the national boycott against BP and to challenge our social dependence on oil.

A huge number of people biking and driving by smiled, waved, honked horns and gave enthusiastic “thumbs up.” A few asked what BP was and hadn’t even realized that their local gas station was affiliated with the corporation that caused one of the most horrific man-made disasters in America’s history.

It would have been nice if some of these folks had gotten out of their cars and joined the group on the sidewalk.

While this small rally may not make any recognizable impact on the current crisis, conversations among the group and with some passersby were both informative and inspiring. Only as people come together in community can change be effected. While most of the conversation focused on the BP spill, similar catastrophes in the US, Ecuador and Nigeria and the US government’s failure to respond, we also talked about what a post-oil community could look like.

Having a vision of such a future is the first step towards arriving there.

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  1. stelle permalink
    June 19, 2010 2:21 pm

    Local TV station WZZM ran a brief and very disappointing clip of the rally that focused only on the small turnout and positive response by passersby. This brief, practically meaningless and innocuous statement started off quite a good conversation with the fellow doing the camera interview.
    Points covered included:
    1. Government response to the disaster has been totally inadequate.
    2. Allowing BP to be in charge of the clean-up makes no sense.
    3. BP isn’t the only oil company creating environmental catastrophes. Exxon has its Valdez; toxic wastes left by Texaco/Chevron is causing cancer and death to large numbers indigenous peoples in Ecuador; and Shell’s contamination in Nigeria, where people organizing against them were assassinated.

    We also talked about how, as oil supplies are depleted measures to extract oil are going to become more harmful to the earth–so why not put our money into developing alternatives today, before more of our planet becomes dangerous to human and animal life.


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