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Youth Media Project takes on the Tobacco & Alcohol industries

June 16, 2010

Over the years GRIID has done lots of youth-based media projects. This week we are working with a group of students in the Holland area who are members of an organization called SLIC – Student Leaders Initiating Change.

This group of students is focusing on tobacco, alcohol and drug prevention and creating media to influence their peers. We know from research that the alcohol and tobacco industries target youth through a variety of means.

After spending the first day talking about how drug, alcohol and tobacco messages are normalized in media students began by producing media literacy pieces to help their peers understand the various techniques to target them. Here is a movie review video that some of the SLIC participants created.

In addition to media literacy pieces the students also created news pieces, conducted interviews with experts from the community and video profiles, where participants talked about why they decided to join the SLIC Media Project.

You can follow the SLIC Media Project on facebook.

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