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Local T-shirt design fights Arizona racism

May 12, 2010

Local musician Jonathan Barrera Mikulich recently found out about a t-shirt design contest for people wanting to respond to the decision by Arizona to pass a racist, anti-immigration law.

His t-shirt design was accepted and are now being sold online. Once he found out he had won Barrera Mikulich and that he would get a percentage of the money from the shirt, he announced that he would donate the money to a local organization that promotes Mexican cultural heritage, the Mexican Heritage Association (MHA). The MHA operates in West Michigan and hosts cultural events like the Mexican Festival in September in downtown Grand Rapids.

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  1. ben permalink
    May 13, 2010 9:27 am

    The tea party is to blame for the rise of racism in this country. Many people have been avoiding the racist labeling of the tea party. I say it was a mistake and a wave of hatred is beginning to grow.

    There is the thought by many that we shouldn’t stoop to the republicans(interchangeable word now for the tea party) labeling tactics. I say we should. See, the difference in the lefts labeling is that the labels are true.

    The republican tea party doesn’t like minorities, doesn’t like the poor, doesn’t like gays,likes to rape the environment, and cares about a fetus, but once it is born doesn’t give a shit about feeding the child.

    The republicans are racist,homophobic,enviro raping,christo nationalistic facists.

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