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Media Alert: A double standard at the GR Press

May 2, 2010

Over the past week the Grand Rapids Press has run three separate stories on whether or not Rob Bliss was going to cancel an event originally scheduled for May 1st.

Bliss, who has organized numerous corporate and city endorsed events in downtown Grand Rapids, was hoping to have a Founding Day Parade to celebrate the founding of Grand Rapids. Weather reports said that rain was likely for May 1st and Bliss eventually cancelled the event, which led to one of the Press stories on this non-event.

The Grand Rapids Chapter of the IWW did not cancel their event, which included numerous local organizations, an event that attracted roughly 200 people despite the weather. However, the only new entitle to show up was the Grand Valley Labor News.

Why did the Press feel compelled to print three stories about an event, which never happened and yet ignore an event that involved a broad range of community groups?

We encourage you to contact the GR Press Editor Paul Keep by e-mailing him at and ask him why the Press ignored the IWW May Day event yet printed 3 stories on a Rob Bliss event that never happed.

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