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Amway eliminates more West Michigan jobs

April 30, 2010

Yesterday it was reported in the Grand Rapids Press that Amway will be eliminating 100 jobs from one of its Ada-based warehouse facilities. The announcement was made via a Media Release, which stated that this decision was necessary for the company to remain competitive and that the jobs would be moved to Asia because that is where more of their product is sold.

The Press story does mention the 100 jobs to be eliminated locally, but fails to mention that 150 jobs are also being cut from an Amway facility in California. The Press cites Amway spokesperson Zeiger who states that the job elimination is “part of a project we’re calling strategic operating model.” Interesting business speak for job elimination.

However, the most interesting comment from Zeiger was, “The moves we’re making are designed to support our being a competitive West Michigan-based employer for the longest time imaginable.” Unfortunately for Press readers, the reporter never bothers to ask how eliminating 100 jobs makes Amway a competitive West Michigan-based employer. If one of the main functions of an employer that touts itself as based in West Michigan is to provide employment, how does eliminating jobs benefit this community?

The Press does acknowledge that the company also recently sent 93 West Michigan jobs to Costa Rica, but then follows this acknowledgement with more comments from Zeiger about how the new job elimination is a strategic move. Zeiger tries to compare the difference to what Amway is doing and what GM has done, but the statement is somewhat convoluted. Unfortunately, the Press reporter fails to question these comments, instead they print them as fact.

The Amway Media Release says that the company made $8.4 billion dollars in 2009. The Press reporter could have at least inquired as to how with such large profits the company is unable to keep jobs in West Michigan.

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  1. April 30, 2010 11:47 pm

    The conservative way, profits before people.

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