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Obama in Afghanistan

March 29, 2010

Yesterday, President Obama made a “surprise” visit to Bagram airfield in Afghanistan. The speech that Obama gave continues a line of thinking on US foreign policy that is very similar to Bush.

Dave Lindorff, an independent journalist observed that the President made his visit just weeks after the new counter-insurgency campaign that has resulted in more civilian deaths and no real progress in suppressing the Taliban.

Lindroff also notes:

The government US forces are propping up is so weak and corrupt that it doesn’t really “rule” anything but the capital city of Kabul, and it, and its police and army enforcers, are largely viewed by the majority of Afghans as little more than an official mafia. It is well known that President Hamid Karzai stole the last election and thumbed his nose at world opinion (his opponent simply quit the race in disgust during the ballot counting).

And it was this usurper Karzai whom the visiting Obama was left to plead with to clean up the mess of a government he runs. Clean up how? Karzai’s own brother is a leading warlord and opium baron. Even the country’s opium crap is being left untouched by US forces, for fear of alienating the country’s farmers, so we’re actually in there fighting to defend the world’s leading producer of opium for the heroin trade! How on earth do you “clean up” a government in a country like that?”

In addition, Rethink Afghanistan has produced a short video critique of the President’s speech in Afghanistan. Rethink Afghanistan points out some of the major flaws of Obama’s Afghan policy.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    March 30, 2010 11:16 am

    HI Jeff- I am very impressed! We seem to have a lot in common.

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