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Radical Author/Journalist John Ross to Speak in Grand Rapids

March 17, 2010

Next week, John Ross, radical journalist and author of numerous books on the Zapatista Rebellion in Mexico, will be speaking in Grand Rapids.

Ross is on tour with a new book entitled, El Monstruo: True Tales of Dread and Redemption in Mexico City. He will be speaking at two public events while in Grand Rapids.

On Wednesday, March 24 at 7pm, Ross will give a talk on The Drug War and Mexican Migration. The presentation will be held at Trinity United Methodist Church, 1100 Lake Dr. SE in Grand Rapids. There is a Facebook event set up, which we encourage people to share with others.

On Thursday, March 25 beginning at 9pm, Ross will read from his new book and talk informally with people in a gathering at Mexicains Sans Frontieres, located at 120 S. Division on the 2nd floor. There is also a Facebook event set up, so please pass this information along as well.

Both events are sponsored by The Bloom Collective, Mexicains Sans Frontieres, and GRIID.

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  1. skippy permalink
    January 19, 2011 7:29 pm

    Dear Reader;

    Mr. Ross has passed. John Ross was a great man.

    Mr. Ross’ life and times were a keen awareness of the impermanence and suffering inherent in this world, a subject he frequently wrote of. Many owe much to this man. He drew on wells of compassion, generosity, intuition, and justice, often camouflaged by the more complicated, bristly, and prickly parts of his personality. Yes, he could be difficult, intolerant, touchy, and loud. Nonetheless, he inspired profound feelings of connection and gratitude in many people and his generosity and writing touched many more. He was legendary in Arcata, Ca., perfecting his craft and sense of humanity and injustice before moving to the Bay Area and the larger world beyond.

    There’s far more to Mr. Ross. I encourage you, the dear reader, to please view the local Humboldt County, CA. link, below. It contains an excellent article he authored on a pertinent subject of racism here in 1982.

    You may leave a personal comment if you like about John; I humbly encourage you to do so. Mr. Ross, our traveling Humboldt ‘investigative poet’ and first rate journalist, would have liked that.

    peace, Mr. Ross. skips

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