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New Online Activist Calendar for Grand Rapids

March 10, 2010

A new online calendar for activists was recently created. The website says, “The GRAND RAPIDS ACTIVIST CALENDAR is an event calendar and mailing list for left and progressive happenings.

We promote grassroots organizing efforts by creating new and strengthening existing ties in our community through mutual solidarity in our struggles.”

Anyone can register to receive notices about local events at the site or post your own events for left and progressive actions. Thos who put the site together clarify what they mean by left and progressive events:

  • We list “progressive” and “left” events.
  • We emphasize grassroots organizing.
  • We ask that all events submitted are not affiliated with, sponsored by, or promote political parties (ie. Democrat, Republican, Green Party, etc…)

This is a useful and important new online tool for those working on issues of social justice and systemic change locally. We encourage our readers to sign up and submit events.

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