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US Militarization of Colombian

March 3, 2010

It was announced last August that the US government was in negotiations with the government of Colombia to give the US access to several military bases. Now there is information from a variety of sources that the agreement may include another attempt to get Colombia to sign a trade agreement with the US.

The School of the America’s Watch recently posted a story about the current status of this base agreement between the US and Colombia. The article states that with this new base agreement, “The United States thereby increased its ties to the military known for the worst human rights abuses in the Western Hemisphere and is a troubling indication of what can be expected of the Obama Administration and its promise of change.

The Obama Administration’s decision to extend US military muscle to an extent previously unknown threatens to destabilize the entire region. Yes, South American countries have had their border skirmishes and brief armed conflicts, but American bases create a scenario for what could potentially be a major war on the continent. At the same time, the US presence will lead Colombia’s neighbors to respond to this anxiety by buying more weapons and raising more national armies. Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru will spend on their militaries the money that could and should go to improving the quality of life for all their citizens.

The agreement represents more of the inevitable failure that comes from policies that rely on the military paradigm. In Colombia, as in Afghanistan, military might has failed and is destined to fail. In neither country can the military put a dent in drug trafficking. In both countries, a weak central government has little or no presence–except for military presence–in much of the country and fails to provide even basic services. Military action inspires insurgency and resistance, while warlords and corrupt government officials continue to profit from war.”

With all of the attention focus on the Middle East and Central Asia the Obama administration has been able to further militarize this hemisphere without much resistance. For an indepth investigation into what this military agreement between the US and Colombia means, check out this story from Al Jazeera news.

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  1. B. Franklin permalink
    March 6, 2010 6:04 am

    it has never dawned on the powers that be in washington that food, medical, and other humanitarian aid are cheaper and more humane than sending military weapons.

    still can’t believe this shit still goes on in central and south america. thought it would have ended long ago when ollie north and the reagan administration were exposed. pentagon is still peddling this bullshit strategy all these years later.

    possible scenario inside the pentagon

    pentagon general “If the u.s. gives more help to the military in columbia for the war on drugs and then also gets a trade agreement maybe we can exert more pressure on them to stop the human rights abuses. ”

    state department official “you have persuaded me, we will send more troops to columbia”

    state department official leaves room.

    now enters an exxon employee, raytheon employee, a dow chemical employee, and monsanto employee all carrying bags of money.

    pentagon general “it’s on gentleman. we are stepping up the war on drugs. dow chemical, we need more of your defoliant to drop on the coca crops.monsanto, with the new trade agreement we are going to deforest large areas for farming and need your chemicals to insure the crops through the world bank. you can sell them those seeds too. you know,the ones that produce plants with no seeds. i see in the near future an incident along the border of venenzuela leading the u.s. into war. raytheon, this “incident” leading to war has been guaranteed to happen. people are in place who have done this before and assure me it will happen.thank you gentlemen, good day.”

    pentagon general gets on the phone to the cia ” we are still working on the war plan. i’m looking to use blackwater to assasinate chavez. rupert at fox wants the interviews with the black water guys posing as u.s.special forces.we’re going to plant child porn all over chavez’s bunker along with documents indicating he planned to take over panama after columbia. it will play out that the panama canal is vital to u.s. security and are instincts were right to remove chavez.”

    the pentagon general thinks “the ends justify the means. people pick through trash for food in central and south american and that makes communism appealing. communism could easliy take over the whole region.”

    the pentagon general justifies in his mind his support for ruthless dictators by thinking that the central and south american communism and socialist movements are the same as the old russian and eastern block communism.the general thinks of the dictators as the enemy of my enemy.he also thinks its ok to get rich from bribes, because he is preserving the american way of life. he is one of the good guys in his warped mind.crazy as it sounds, he takes bribes , starts wars, and still views himself as righteous.

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